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Winnipeg's Mise en Scene will release its new album on June 30. Listen to it now.

Vancouver power-punk trio Needles//Pins will release their third LP on June 30. Listen to it now.

Listen to SassyBlack's new sexy, sly, soulful record, and read her interview and track-by-track guide.

Listen to the first-ever recording of works by this composer history seems to have forgotten.

Ottawa's New Swears drop their label debut with Dine Alone Records on June 23. Listen to it now.

Death From Above's Sebastien Grainger has a new side project called American Lips. Listen to the new record now.

The Grammy-winning country singer's new album is a barn-burning call to action. Listen now.

Listen to the Pangnirtung, Nunavut, singer's debut EP before its release.

Toronto trio Ivory Hours will release their sophomore album on June 10. Listen to it now.

Listen to the final album from rock 'n' roll legend Chuck Berry.

Halifax indie-rock band Walrus releases its debut album on June 9. Listen to it now.

Hamann's new album with Frédéric Lacroix is an extensive, unprecedented survey of the repertoire. Stream it now.

Listen to Vivek Shraya's remarkable six-song EP a week before its release.

The Toronto singer's new EP project finds Merna favouring stark, minimalist piano-driven songs.

Hey Ocean! lead singer Ashleigh Ball releases her solo debut on June 2. Listen to it now.

Adaline returns with her followup to Modern Romantics. Listen to it now.

Montreal band Tops relocated to California to record their latest album. Listen to it now.

Cody ChesnuTT's first album in five years retains the organic, unvarnished feel associated with his music, conveying an undeniable honesty.

For his second album, the New Orleans singer creates a protest album that can't be categorized. Listen now.

Montreal's She-Devils release their long-awaited debut LP on May 19. Listen to it now.

"They are songs that are nurturing, cosy and charming." Stream the new album now.

The Igloolik, Nunavut, band's catalogue is available digitally for the first time. Listen now.

On her latest album, Oh Susanna travels back in time to her teenhood n Vancouver in the 1980s. Listen to it now.

Vancouver's Fake Shark is back with a different lineup and sound on its latest album. Listen to it now.

Powerful new works by Andrew Staniland, Denis Gougeon, Alice Ping Yee Ho, Jocelyn Morlock and Chan Ka Nin.

A collection of heartfelt, hopeful pop anthems that will surely find their way onto every great TV and film soundtrack for the next five years. Listen now.

Elizabeth Powell returns from a seven-year hiatus with a new Land of Talk album. Listen to it now.

Montreal's Tim Crabtree is back with a new EP. Listen to it before its May 19 release.

American roots artist Pokey LaFarge is getting ready to release his eighth studio album on May 19. Listen to it now.

Punk meets glam rock on PWR BTTM's new album Pageant. Listen to it now.

The Nova Scotia singer gets his debut on Rae Spoon's label. Listen now.

Listen to the re-mastered and re-titled 1991 Art Bergmann album, Remember Her Name, a week before its release.

Songwriter Will Whitwham is getting ready to release a new EP as the Wilderness of Manitoba. Listen to it now.

"When a song can quiet two dozen drunks, you can be confident that there is something there that's worth listening to."

For his latest album, the Canadian piano phenom turns his attention to Ravel. Stream it now.

The Toronto six-piece is ready to release its followup to 2013's Afterlife Blues. Listen now.

Listen to the Peterborough native's second album now.

The Brooklyn-based trio is releasing its debut album on April 28. Listen to it now.

Battle of Santiago's third album is an energetic, pulsating adventure.

Stream the Halifax-based rock band's new record a week before its release.

The new album from Overcoats is filled with simple, joyous harmony. Listen to it now.

"As a guitarist, there aren't many opportunities to be in front of the band." Stream Kirmayer's debut album now.

An album of new works by Zosha Di Castri, John Estacio, Nicole Lizée and Jocelyn Morlock. Stream it now.

The album is inspired by the lives of real women housed at the notorious Kingston asylum in the mid-1800s. Listen now.

The Halifax songwriter steps out from supportive singing roles to release his solo debut, a beautiful set of songs that have been simmering for some time. Listen now.

Hollerado is back with its first album since 2011. Listen to it now.

Stream his new album and feel the power of the Beckerath organ in Montreal's iconic Saint Joseph's Oratory.

Socal country dipped in mariachi brass and shined with twangy throwbacks — listen to Outlaw's second album now.

Listen to jam after jam from the Vancouver supergroup's new album.