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Amanda Parris


Friday 7pm–8pm on CBC Radio 2

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Over the course of her career, Amanda Parris has worn several hats including those of educator, actor and playwright. Descended from Grenadian and Venezuelan ancestry, Parris was born in London, England and raised on the south side of Jane Street in Toronto. Over the course of her career, Parris has worked with emerging artists at the internationally renowned charity The Remix Project and helped to develop the field of Hip Hop education by co-founding the alternative education organization Lost Lyrics. She has produced multi-arts installations, conferences, exhibits and concerts through her work with the Manifesto Festival, the Art Gallery of Ontario and the artistic collective T-Dot Renaissance. Her plays have been staged at numerous theatre festivals in Canada and internationally. Parris studied theatre at The Lee Strasberg Institute of Film and Theatre, Theatre Ontario, b current and York University and recently completed her M.A. degree in the Sociology of Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. She is the host of CBC Arts’ weekly TV and online series, Exhibitionists and writes a weekly column for CBC Arts.