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Listen to Marvin's Room Mar. 3, from Missy Elliott to Mark Morrison
Amanda Parris


March 3, 2017


Marvin's Room is the home of R&B on CBC. The show airs Friday 7:00 p.m on Radio 2, Sunday 8:00 p.m on Radio 1, Wednesday at 4:00 a.m and Friday at 3:00 p.m on SiriusXM.

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Amanda Parris is the host of the new CBC Radio 2 show Marvin's Room.
Listen to Marvin's Room, March 3rd 2017

Marvin's Room with Amanda Parris on CBC Radio


Return Of The Mack

I was born in London, England but I moved when I was a kid so my memories of the music scene are pretty limited. There is one name though that stands out from the rest. A guy who in the mid-90’s was dominating the UK R&B charts and may have partially inspired my guilty fascination with R&B bad boys. His name was Mark Morrison and his gumby haircut, gold chains and nose ring were all over the charts and the tabloids. Mark Morrison was the first British artist in pop history to have 5 top ten hits from a debut album he was supposed to be a legend but although the stars were all aligned for his ascent the British bad boy couldn’t stay out of trouble. You name it, he allegedly did it: Bringing a firearm on a plane? Check. Kidnapping, car theft and assault? Check. Bribing a police officer? Been there, done that and as a result, Mark Morrison is largely considered a one-album wonder. Right now we’re not gonna remember the glory days. This is Mark Morrison with “Return of the Mack.”


When he was in high school, Toronto R&B singer Sylo Nozra was part of a pop punk band named TCATER which stood for The Crazy Asians That Eat Rice. Their sound was inspired by Green Day, Blink 182 and Sum 41. In his last year of high school he connected with Hip Hop producer Goldchain who helped to inspire his shift toward Hip Hop, soul and R&B. Today Sylo describes his sound as alternative R&B with a taste of dream pop and i think after you hear this, you’ll be glad he found his way into R&B. This is Sylo and Goldchain with “Fallin.” Check out the video. It is very cool.

Sock It 2 Me

Get ready for Missy Elliott featuring Da Brat with “Sock it 2 Me.” Missy is one of the most successful female rappers of all time but she can also hold down the harmonies. A classic video from Missy and a track which features a dope sample from Philly soul group the The Delfonics.

Give It To Me Baby

R&B is filled with colourful characters whose dramatic antics inspire books, movies, mini-series and sometimes comedy sketches. Rick James is one such character and Canada can take a little credit for helping to shape this innovative icon. Before he became the superstar known around the world for rocking braided beaded bangs Rick was on the run. He was one of many who chose to desert the army rather than fight in Vietnam. When he went out on the lam, the place he chose as his hideout was none other than the city of Toronto. Once there he took on an assumed name Ricky James Marshall (no one would catch on with that alias) and dove into the music scene. He formed a rock and R&B band called The Mynah Birds and became friends with Canadian music icons like Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. The group was good and was on the cusp of success when Rick James got in a fight with their financier. In what appears to be an act of revenge an anonymous tip was made to the US army and Rick James was picked up for and put in prison. After serving his one year sentence Rick James went on to become the king of punk funk. I think we can argue that Canada had something to do with that. This is Rick James with “Give it to Me Baby.”

The Marvin's Room R&B Stream

Explore the world of R&B, 24 hours a day 7 days a week with our new "Marvin's Room R&B" stream. Inspired by the studio where Marvin Gaye recorded much of his legendary music and by the more recent Drake song of the same name, Marvin's Room brings back the old school and introduces what's going on. Hear: Patti LaBelle, Party Next Door, Toni Braxton, Alicia Keys, Destiny's Child, Prince, Deborah Cox.

Explore the world of R&B from neo-soul to trap soul and everything in between. Inspired by the studio where Marvin Gaye recorded much of his legendary music and by the more recent Drake song of the same name, Marvin's Room brings back the old school and introduces what's going on. Hear: Patti LaBelle, Party Next Door, Toni Braxton, Alicia Keys, Destiny's Child, Prince, Usher, Deborah Cox

The Playlist

Cameo – Candy
Mark Morrison – Return of the Mack (C&J Street Mix)
Sylo & Goldchain – Falling
Jydn - R U Down
Drake – I Get Lonely Too
Monica – Don’t Take it Personal
Missy Elliott f/ Da Brat – Sock it to Me
Rick James – Give it to Me Baby
k-os – Crabbuckit
Allie – Wildcat
James Blake f/ Bon Iver - I Need a Forest Fire

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