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My Playlist with Ron Sexsmith
Carole Warren


April 27, 2017


Ron Sexsmith is set to publish his debut novel Deer Life in 2017.
My Playlist with Ron Sexsmith

Listen to My Playlist with Ron Sexsmith


Three-time-Juno winner Ron Sexsmith has appeared on My Playlist with impressive regularity.

At least his songs have. Everyone has a favourite Ron Sexsmith track.(Even more, now that his album The Last Rider is out)

Listen to Ron's favourite tracks on My Playlist.

*Bill Withers-Lean On Me

*Andy Kim-How'd We Ever Get This Way

*Poppy Family-Where Evil Grows

*Elton John-Blues For Baby And Me

*Leonard Cohen-Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye

*Bob Snider-(I'm Looking For) A Love To Call My Own

*Kyp Harness-Mayor Of Crazytown

*Feist-Brandy Alexander

*The Kinks-Days

*Buddy Holly-It Doesn't Matter Anymore

*Max Webster-On The Road

*Gordon Lightfoot-Now And Then