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Ty Segall, self-titled

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Holly Gordon

It’s been nine years since Ty Segall released his self-titled debut, which makes the release of his ninth solo album a fitting time to crown a second self-titled work. And with 2017’s Ty Segall, the Californian punk-rocker is going all out.

Instead of putting most of the recording onus on himself, Segall went into studio with a full band — Charles Moothart and Ben Boye, plus former Muggers Emmett Kelly and Mikal Cronin — and what came out is the sweet spot of a Venn diagram where David Bowie meets the Beatles meets the Stooges.

“Orange Color Queen,” the first single, is a love song for Segall’s girlfriend, filled with shiny lyrics like “Oh, you’re my silver lips of honey/ oh, you’re my cherry fizzled sundae/ oh, you’re a tree inside of an airplane.” That saccharine, Beatles-esque sway doesn’t last long, though, once you dive right into Ty Segall. “Break a Guitar” is a little on-the-nose, lyrically, but fierce regardless, and a hell of a riff celebration for an album opener. “Freedom,” a blistering two-minute track, will have you flailing your limbs verse by verse, and aptly crooning the chorus line, “I’m not scared.”

In a time such as now, it’s as good as any to put Ty Segall on, put your head down and just keep on moving.

Ty Segall's (second) self-titled album will be out Jan. 27. You can pre-order it here.

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