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Sera Cahoone, From Where I Started

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Andrea Gin

From Where I Started, the new album from singer-songwriter Sera Cahoone, feels like a bit of a homecoming. The Seattle-based artist has previously been known for her alt-country-influenced indie rock, and this time around we see her taking a heartfelt journey back to her roots.

Cahoone grew up in Colorado listening to honky-tonk, and got her start backing up blues musicians in dive bars on the drums. The torch and twang of country music stayed with her, even as she moved to Seattle and played drums for some influential rock bands including Carissa’s Wierd and Band of Horses.

She eventually branched out on her own, putting out three albums on Sub Pop and becoming a familiar name on the Pacific Northwest alt-country scene. Her distinctive style of playing banjo and guitar is a result of her drumming background; it influences not only the way she plays both instruments, but also how she writes music.

“A lot of my songs start as a beat, I add guitar, then lyrics at the end,” she said via press release. “When I write songs I usually sit at my drum kit playing both drums and guitar at the same time.”

There is a gentle, dusty sway to the album — it’s hard not to just lean back and daydream while listening. Standouts include the melancholy banjo ballad “Up to Me,” the gently rolling love song “Only One” and “Ladybug,” a moving tribute to her murdered cousin, Tawnee Baird.

You can listen to From Where I Started right here until its March 24 release date. Pre-order it here.