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First Play: Wilsen, I Go Missing In My Sleep

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Andrea Gin

There is something so soothing about the delicate, restrained songs on I Go Missing In My Sleep, the debut album from Wilsen.

The trio is composed of (sort-of) namesake Tamsin Wilson — a U.K.-born, Canadian-raised singer-songwriter — along with bandmates Drew Arndt on bass and Johnny Simon Jr. on guitar. Wilson, who now lives in Brooklyn, wrote most of the songs for this album in the quiet of her apartment at night while the city was asleep.

The setting feels apt: the songs evoke the kind of solitude and calm that can only be felt by those awake and working alone through the night. Throughout the album, Wilson’s pensive vocals weave in and out of rippling arrangements to a meditative, compelling effect — a perfect backdrop to an overcast day at the beach.

This feeling is perhaps best illustrated by the song “Garden,” which manages to evoke calmness and urgency at the same time, a paradox augmented by the song’s video, which shows the story of a suburban couple living together but unable to communicate.

With two EPs under the band's belt (2013’s double EP Sirens and 2014’s Magnolia), Wilsen seems ready now to unleash its full-length rumination of quiet devastation to the world.

I Go Missing In My Sleep will be out on April 28 via Secret City Records. Pre-order it here.