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First Play: The Wilderness of Manitoba, The Tin Shop EP

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Andrea Gin

The Wilderness of Manitoba has always been a band that constantly evolves. From the chamber folk of its 2009 debut, Hymns of Live & Spirits, to the sprawling indie-rock of its last effort, 2014's Between Colours, the band has gone through shifts not only in sound but also in lineup in its eight-year career.

Songwriter Will Whitwham has been the only constant member of the band since the start, and on this EP, he has written six gentle lullabies that harken back to the Wilderness of Manitoba’s folk roots.

Whitwham says the EP serves as a hint of what’s to come on the band's next full-length, due out in August.

The Tin Shop will be the third time that we’ve released an EP before its subsequent album,” he writes via email. “This time the process has allowed me to write and record in a more stripped-down style that is closer to the band's origins while also giving a snapshot of the band during its next transition.”

Whitwham says he hasn’t abandoned his explorations of the band's more atmospheric, psych-rock side displayed on Between Colours.

“The Wilderness Of Manitoba has always had two sides: one that is ambient and folky and the other closer to being along the lines of classic and folk rock,” he said. “I think the EP is a good indicator of still keeping true to our roots in the former while the album will continue to expand sonically upon the latter.”

The Tin Shop EP will be released on May 5 via Pheromone Records. You can pre-order it here. They are also touring with Jenny Berkel and Eamon McGrath starting May 4. Check the dates here.