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First Play: Paper Beat Scissors, All we Know

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Holly Gordon

“All I know is that I know nothing.” The Socratic phrase gets a bit heavier as years tick by, until it’s so weighty that you can no longer get rid of it. With All we Know, Paper Beat Scissors’ first set of new songs since 2015’s Go On, it sounds like Tim Crabtree has been mulling that thought for some time.

“The EP is about ‘knowing’ and what this means — as humans we’re so fickle and fallible, and the idea of truly ‘knowing’ anything with any kind of certainty just seemed impossible and ridiculous to me,” the British-born, Montreal-based singer-songwriter said via press release. “And yet, we can only act, individually and collectively, based on what we think we know.”

Recorded with JJ Ipsen on bass and Marshall Bureau on drums, All we Know is a tight, six-song collection, beginning with the soft, prodding flourishes of the title track, to Crabtree’s voice gently asking, “Is that all it was?” on “All it Was,” to the marching cacophony of “Better.” Crabtree’s hypnotic voice leads you through each song, mapping out what this new project has made him question over the last two years — accompanied by the word “know,” which appears in every song.

Ater all the ruminating, it’s fitting for Crabtree to wrap up this collection — a lead-up to a full-length album — with a cover of the Weather Station’s “What am I Going to do With Everything I Know.” We look forward to finding out.

All We Know will be released May 19 via Forward Music Group. Pre-order it now. Check out Paper Beat Scissors' tour dates here.