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Andrea Gin

It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from Toronto’s Adaline — six years, in fact. She makes her return this week with the darkly melancholic Aquatic, and you can listen to it here first in advance of its June 2 release.

Aquatic sees the alt-pop singer writing songs about her search for human connection, and her philosophy of following her instincts — and having no regrets.

“People are so afraid of connection. It makes them run and hide. Love can’t thrive in that kind of environment,” she said via press release. “I attempt to love freely. This is terrifying for people because I throw myself into it without overthinking. For me, it ends up in either a true connection, or in devastating heartbreak. But when the latter happens at least I can make some honest art.”

The reason for the long span between albums is due to her success as a composer in Hollywood. Since her debut in 2008, she has written music for more than 60 television shows and films including Grey's Anatomy, 90210, Rookie Blue, Lost Girl, Flashpoint, Degrassi, Heartland and Bomb Girls. You may have also recognized her as the voice behind "Lily and the Snowman," a tear-jerking Cineplex short film that features her cover of the Genesis song “Follow You Follow Me.”

When she finally got back to focusing on her own record, Adaline found herself turning to the sea for inspiration. The lyrics of her new songs draw comparisons between romance and water; the music often feels like it’s washing over you in waves.

The lead single from the album, “Entertainer,” is musically one of Aquatic's lighter offerings, but lyrically it sticks to the album’s theme of love and relationships, and the search for something real.

“I don’t need another person to merely entertain me romantically,” Adaline said of the song. “I’m looking for a little bravery. I find it a common sentiment in my generation: we’re looking for something just a little more profound.”

Aquatic will be released on June 2 via Cadence Music Group. Pre-order it here. Album release shows will take place in Vancouver on June 8 at the Biltmore and in Toronto on June 10 at the Drake Underground.