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First Play: New Swears, And the Magic of Horses

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Andrea Gin

Editor's note: lyrics contain profanity.

Ottawa's New Swears have long been known as a band that takes its party-rock very seriously.

They come from humble beginnings, forming in 2012 when all four members (Scru Bar, Sammy J. Scorpion, Beej Eh, and Nick Nofun) shared a room and ran a notorious DIY venue they called the Fun Boy Club House. The space also accommodated two bars, a mini skateboard ramp, rodent infestations and, by all accounts, was the scene of some pretty raucous live shows before they abandoned it in 2014.

“It was such a brutal situation, living in squalor, but it was also super fun,” remembers vocalist/guitarist Scru Bar in a press release. “I have days where I wish I could go back to it.”

The quartet self-released its music before signing to Dine Alone Records last year. The new album, And the Magic of Horses, follows the band's 2014 full-length, Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever, and its 2016 7" "Brand New Spot"/"Sugar Heavy Metal.”

And the Magic of Horses was produced by Paul “Yogi” Granger (the White Wires, Steve Adamyk Band) and sees the band trying to grow beyond its party-punk roots.

“Sustainability is the goal,” says Scru Bar. “We’ve been having so much fun doing what we’re doing over the past few years. Now that we’ve been given an opportunity to get a little more serious, it’s cool to see the impact of travelling to different cities and finding out that people were coming out to see us. We just want to keep going and going.”

While they are now writing more serious songs and getting a push from one of Canada’s biggest indie labels, don’t expect them to be any less fun. In fact, if you need any further proof of their commitment to partying, beer and rock 'n' roll, watch their video for “Dance with the Devil,” below.

You can listen to And the Magic of Horses right here all week in advance of its release date on June 23. Pre-order the album here and find tour dates here.