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First Play: Sam Coffey & the Iron Lungs, self-titled

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Andrea Gin

Editor’s note: lyrics contain profanity.

When Toronto power-pop band Sam Coffey & the Iron Lungs started working on their second album, they decided it was time to finally go in and record in a proper studio.

Prior to this, the six-piece had been taking a mostly DIY approach to its recordings, which included a stream of singles and the 2014 LP Gates of Hell. For this new self-titled release, the band not only found a studio, but also hired producer Alex Bonenfant (Metz, Crystal Castles) and signed to Dine Alone Records for its release.

"Recording in a real studio for the first time with an excellent producer like Alex is a very big part of why this album is any good at all,” Sam Coffey wrote via email. “Some of the songs have been around for a long time, and we recorded this album three different times before we went into the studio with Alex at Dreamhouse. We took our time to get it right."

The effort paid off. The songs on this self-titled release are not only well-crafted, but infused with an old-school party-rock spirit that is hard to resist. It’s an effort that certainly makes one thing clear: this is a band that loves its '70s power pop.

The spirit of the album is best captured by lead single “Talk 2 Her.” Watch the animated video for the song below.

In all, Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs contains nine tracks, including a nine-minute, three-part opus near the end that includes the fist-pumping trio of “Ragnarok,” “Teenage Release” and “PhD,” all of which are probably best heard blaring from the open window of a beat-up Camaro.

"This album is without a doubt the best and biggest album I've ever been a part of,” Coffey wrote. “We wanted to make a big shiny rock record that was good enough to play on your big shiny radio for the next 100 years. It took us a couple tries but I think we finally did it."

Sam Coffey & the Iron Lungs will put our their self-titled release on July 28. You can pre-order it here. Find out about their tour dates here.