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First Play: Fake Palms, Pure Mind

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Andrea Gin

Toronto post-punk outfit Fake Palms have only been an entity for a couple of years, but you wouldn’t know that from their prolific output.

They released their self-titled debut LP in 2015, followed by a 2016 EP called Heavy Paranoia. Now, the band is ready to release its second LP, Pure Mind, and we have it streaming here a week ahead of the release date.

In spite of having a cast of rotating members since its inception, the trio has remained intact at its core: singer/guitarist Michael le Riche, guitarist Patrick Marshall, and drummer Simone TB. Their music throws a lot of things at you all at once: a blend of post-punk and pop, underlined by driving rhythms and melodic harmonies, produced in a way that is both complicated yet lo-fi. In all, the songs manage the feat of seeming both familiar and unpredictable at the same time. It’s a sound le Riche has been so eager to develop that he began writing new songs for Pure Mind almost as soon as the sessions for the first album were finished.

“When we started working on the album, I decided that I wanted to put out the songs I had that sounded the furthest from what we had released until this point,” he said via press release. “I wanted to do things as differently as possible.”

Le Riche says the members of the band were motivated to challenge themselves to try and give the listener something unexpected. It’s resulted in their best songwriting effort yet.

“I hope that as a band, that’s something we never stop doing. We’re at our best when we’re pushing toward the next thing.”

You can hear the fruits of their experimentation on the album’s first single, “I’m Not There”

Pure Mind will be released via Buzz Records and Pleasence Records on Sept. 15. Pre-order it here. Find the band’s tour dates, including performances at Halifax Pop and Pop Montreal, here.