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First Play: Un Blonde, Good Will Come to You

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Andrea Gin

This might not be the first time you’re hearing about this album.

Montreal-based musician, producer and composer Jean-Sebastien Audet, a.k.a. Un Blonde, originally put out Good Will Come to You last year via a very limited cassette run. It sold out immediately and caught the ears of music critics and labels alike, landing on last year’s Polaris Music Prize long list and garnering him a signing to Calgary’s Flemish Eye Records.

The acclaim has come with good reason: Good Will Come to You is an original, sound-bending and soulful release. Made up of 21 tracks, the album is a veritable sound collage that belongs to no particular genre, though it drifts through the worlds of minimalist R&B, spiritual folk, indie-pop and avant-funk. The sparse layers of harmonized vocals over minimal instrumentation are deceptively detailed and layered.

Audet records his music by himself in various spaces around Montreal, using a minimal gear setup in order to accommodate his need for immediacy.

“I spend every day waiting for things to say,” he says via press release, “and saying them right away.”

This sense of unfettered improvisation can be felt on the video for “Brand New."

Good Will Come to You is an album that should be heard in its entirety from start to finish, in order to appreciate its complex, meandering exploration of sound. It’s an album that will stun you with its originality, even the second time around.

Good Will Come to You has been remixed and remastered, and will be available digitally — and for the first time on vinyl — on Sept. 22. There is a bonus download-only album of extra material from the Good Will Come to You sessions on the LP version, including B-sides and alternate versions of album tracks. Pre-order it here.

Un Blonde will play a series of dates with Flemish Eye labelmate Chad VanGaalen this fall. Find their tour dates here.