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Rich Terfry

Host of Drive


Monday to Friday 3:30pm–7pm on CBC Music

Rich Terfry, (also known as Buck65) is the host of Drive . He is from Mt. Uniacke, Nova Scotia. He has worked as a gas station attendant, a night watchman, a towel-boy at a luxury resort and holds a bachelor's degree with a major in biology. He has lived in Halifax, Montreal, New York, London and Paris and now sleeps on a cot in the Drive studio. His interests include - but are not limited to - cinema, pets, invention, baseball and stories of dumb criminals. Rich has always loved radio. His childhood hero was Wolfman Jack. He co-hosted a make-believe radio show with his cousin Bert starting at age seven. Each weekend during his high school days, he would climb the tallest tree in his neighborhood with a portable radio, searching for signals from far-away lands. Rich stands six feet tall, is of lean build, has green eyes and is a Pisces. The origin of the name Terfry is unknown. It is believed he is descended from pirates. Although the program is called Drive, Rich walks for an hour and a half to and from work each day.