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Searchlight 2014 is coming

Editorial Staff

Last year, CBC Music launched the hunt for Canada's best new musical act. This year, we renew the search.

We are partnering with CBC Radio One to find the best local music acts to compete for the crown. The winner will receive $20,000 in gear from Yamaha Canada Music, a gig at a major festival and more.

We want you to enter. Your town wants you to enter. Canada wants you to enter. So how do you enter?

The submission period is now open. You'll need a CBC Music account. If you don't have one, sign up for a CBC Music artist account (and fill out the bio and upload a picture, because it will make it easier for journalists covering the contest to do stories about you). Then you'll need a song that's been written by you or the roster of musicians performing in your band (it should be under five minutes, too).

We want new bands (and solo acts, duos, combos, etc.) to step up, and bands who entered last year to put their experience to work and try again this time around.

Here's another wrinkle: this year you can vote for up to 10 acts a day in each region. That means you and your friends in bands can work together to help promote the local music scene and support each other, and can carry that support on to the national round. We've also added a panel of celebrity judges to the national round, so we can balance the voice of the fans with an impartial jury of music experts.

If you have any questions, email us at