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The ultimate election day playlist: Neil Young, Rage Against the Machine, Radiohead and more

Melody Lau

Today is the big day: the federal election. If you haven’t voted yet, we encourage you to find your nearest polling station and cast your vote immediately. Once you’ve done that, you can reward yourself with a Blue Jays game.

There is a long-running history between music and politics, from the impassioned protest songs of the '50s all the way to musicians who use social media today to urge fans to make a change by voting. So today we wanted to provide you the perfect soundtrack for election day, a playlist of songs about voting, democracy and power.

These songs work as both pre-voting motivators and post-voting celebratory anthems. What are some other political songs you want to see added to our election day playlist? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @CBCMusic.

Arcadia, 'Election Day'

Alice Cooper, 'Elected'

Neil Young, 'Campaigner'

Rage Against the Machine, 'Guerilla Radio'

Guided By Voices, 'Vote For Me Dummy'

The Replacements, 'Election Day'

The Blow Monkeys, 'Choice'

Leonard Cohen, 'Democracy'

R.E.M., 'Ignoreland'

Serj Tankian, 'Uneducated Democracy'

Indigo Girls, 'Let It Be Me'

Little Steven, 'Vote'

The Radiants, 'Voice Your Choice'

Radiohead, 'Electioneering'

Patti Smith, 'People Have the Power'