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Love Drake, Whitehorse, St. Vincent, Diana Krall and more? Try these Searchlight artists

Andrea Warner

Thousands of Searchlight entries sounds pretty cool, until one realizes that also means thousands of new bands and new music and weeks of listening and you're already freaking out about where to start, right?

We can help.

Just like last year, we've listened to a lot of music in the last few weeks and couldn't help but think, "Wow, this band could be the next ________," or, "I adore Feist. This person sounds like a kindred!"

So think of us as your personal Searchlight recommendation engine. In the list below we've selected some of your favourite bands and musicians and paired them up with their Searchlight counterparts. 

Love St. Vincent? Try Jessicka.

Love St. Vincent? Try Jessicka.

Love Alvvays? Try Faith Healer.

Recommended by Kerry Martin.

Love Alvvays? Try Faith Healer.

Love the 1975? Try Van Damsel.

Recommended by Dave Shumka.

Love the 1975? Try Van Damsel.

Love the Weakerthans? Try Danielle Knibbe.

Recommended by Emma Godmere.

Love the Weakerthans? Try Danielle Knibbe.

Love Braids? Try Chersea.

Love Braids? Try Chersea.

Love Two Door Cinema Club? Try TheStrain.

Recommended by Emma Godmere.

Love Two Door Cinema Club? Try TheStrain.

Love Born Ruffians? Try Ivory Hours.

Recommended by Kerry Martin.

Love Born Ruffians? Try Ivory Hours.

Love Tilly and the Wall? Try Matthew J Thomson & Danielle R Hamel.

Love Tilly and the Wall? Try Matthew J Thomson & Danielle R Hamel.

Love the Raveonettes? Try Blimp Rock.

Love the Raveonettes? Try Blimp Rock.

Love Belle and Sebastian? Try The Magician.

Love Belle and Sebastian? Try The Magician.

Love Fiona Apple? Try Dana Sipos.

Love Fiona Apple? Try Dana Sipos.

Love Gogol Bordello? Try Lemon Bucket Orkestra.

Love Gogol Bordello? Try Lemon Bucket Orkestra.

Love Drake? Try Chillaz.

Love Drake? Try Chillaz.

Love Classified? Try Thomas Aaron.

Love Classified? Try Thomas Aaron.

Love Lights? Try Elsa Jayne.

Love Lights? Try Elsa Jayne.

Love Whitehorse? Try Kandle.

Recommended by Grant Lawrence.

Love Whitehorse? Try Kandle.

Love Dan Mangan? Try Carden Cove.

Love Dan Mangan? Try Carden Cove.

Love the Lone Bellow? Try Hillsburn.

Recommended by Emma Godmere.

Love the Lone Bellow? Try Hillsburn.

Love Stars? Try the Farewell Folks.

Recommended by Dave Shumka.

Love Stars? Try the Farewell Folks.

Love Jurassic 5? Try Divo.

Recommended by Kerry Martin.

Love Jurassic 5? Try Divo.

Love Brad Paisley? Try Justin Fancy.

Love Brad Paisley? Try Justin Fancy.

Love Maroon 5? Try Andrew Briol.

Love Maroon 5? Try Andrew Briol.

Love Kacey Musgraves? Try Melissa Lynn.

Love Kacey Musgraves? Try Melissa Lynn.

Love Tegan & Sara? Try Sarah Halabecki Band.

Love Tegan & Sara? Try Sarah Halabecki Band.

Love Birdy? Try Vikki Gilmore.

Love Birdy? Try Vikki Gilmore.

Love Janelle Monáe? Try Amai Kuda and Y Josephine.

Recommended by Emma Godmere.

Love Janelle Monáe? Try Amai Kuda and Y Josephine.

Love Diana Krall? Try Jenn Beaupre.

Love Diana Krall?Try Jenn Beaupre.

Love Wilco? Try Lenny Gallant.

Love Wilco? Try Lenny Gallant.

Love Patrick Watson? Try John Jacob Magistery.

Love Patrick Watson? Try John Jacob Magistery.

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