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CBC Music Magazine, issue 3: Why Music Matters

Brad Frenette

Download the new issue of the quarterly CBC Music Magazine to your Apple devices for free, right here.

For some, music is just the background noise in an elevator. The thump of a car driving past. It's once a year at the symphony, or organ chords at the hockey game.

For others, music runs deeper. It's the first kiss and the first dance, the fist pump, the soft lullaby to your baby. It's the memory of a love lost, or a love found. It's working in the field in the hot sun, it’s the push you need to get to the finish line of a rainy-day marathon. It's screaming along to a chorus at 2 a.m. in a sweaty club. It's community and the discovery of something beautiful.

And then there are those whom music has saved. Delivered from the dark, taken to the light. The way to find voice, to make points, to make change.

Music is for good times and bad. It can help us heal, it can teach us, shape us, connect us to others, to our past, to what's next.

If you're on, we'll presume you are a music fan. In this, our third issue of the CBC Music Magazine, we dig deeper into music as a weapon of change.

Why is the indigenous music across the country suddenly witnessing a renaissance? Why did a Tibetan singer walk a 1,000-mile mountain path to sing for refugees? Why did one of Canada's best musicians set aside the pursuit of fame to bring music to young addicts? Why are researchers giving iPods to Alzheimer’s patients?

Why? It’s because music matters.

Download the new issue of the quarterly CBC Music Magazine for your Apple devices for free, right here.