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8 phenomenal husband-and-wife duos from Searchlight 2016

Kiah Welsh

In this year's Searchlight competition, there have been a lot of musical collaborations, ranging from folk-indie bands to hip-hop groups to siblings rocking it out together. But among them, there have been a handful of husband-and-wife duos, too.

In the list below, we look at eight Searchlight husband-and-wife collabs that caught our eye. From stage presence to musical performance to song lyrics: each musical act is different, but individually brilliant. Sometimes intimate, and others vibrant — scroll through the gallery and discover great talent across the country.

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Who: Gary and Whit
Song: "Water Under the Bridge"

About: Gary and Whit take harmonies to a whole new level with their song "Water Under the Bridge." It not only has a romantic melody, but a universal message: the song talks about the ups and downs in a relationship, the process of growth and forgiveness. The settling strum of the guitar gives off a rustic-folk sound — you definitely won't regret pressing play for this duo.

Who: Winsome Kind
Song: "Sunrise"

About: Winsome Kind's musical chemistry translates beyond the stage. While the acoustic guitar sets the foundation of their song "Sunrise," together their voices seamlessly compliment, and fuse like magnets for each note sung. This husband-wife duo has an elegant alt-pop sound to their music. 

Who: The GTs
Song: "Charlie Kaufman"

About: The GTs will have you thinking of your soulmate with their love-driven song, "Charlie Kaufman." Their lyrics — "I want to tell the story of you and I/ you're all I ever hoped for/ and hope is all I need" — talk about love and the many forms and levels it can proceed to be. This simple and sweet song, infused with a mixture of rock and R&B, is worth a listen.

Who: The Royal Foundry
Song: "Running Away"

About: Engaging, dynamic, upbeat — those are a couple of words to describe the Royal Foundry. Their song, "Running Away," has an interesting blend of guitar, cello, drums, piano and video-game synths. But if you watch the band's music video, it's the Royal Foundry's passionate and driven performance that make them stars.

Who: The Grid Pickers
Song: "Tinfoil Top Hat"

About: The Grid Pickers' sound is untraditional and earthy. They're not afraid to break the rules and mix it up a bit, with a vibe that's a mixture of blue grass and old country.

Who: Turtle
Song: "Sea Turtle"

About: Mellow, yet beautiful, Turtle sets the mood of romance with the song "Sea Turtle," with the settling sound of piano and guitar. In the band's music video, the two members are surrounded by a candlelight setting and are singing parallel to one another — a reflection of their had.

Who: Azalea
Song: "All Night Long"

About: Azalea's musical delivery is simple yet effective. In Azalea's song "All Night Long," the husband-wife duo uses the piano and guitar to captivate listeners. Azalea creatively builds up to a crescendo leading up to the chorus, and their classic folk sound is uniquely their own — and beautiful.

Who: Westminster Park
Song: "The Books I Read"

About: "The Books I Read" is vibrant, catchy and a head-nodder. Husband-and-wife duo Steve and Colleen Murphy are the lead singers, while Ben Srokosz backs them up with a drum kit. Together they make a great team, playing indie-folk-pop music.