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My Playlist: Tegan and Sara share their favourite music

Carole Warren

You won't want to miss this week's My Playlist, if only for its sheer fun factor! Twin sisters Tegan and Sara Quin, take turns introducing their favourite tracks and telling great stories about their choices. And yes, they sometimes finish one another's sentences!

It’s been more than twenty years since, as teenagers, Tegan and Sara won a local college Battle of the Bands contest. Since then, their music has morphed from indie pop rock with lots of guitar, to party-charged electro dance pop with beats and bass and full-on synths. 

But it still has what it’s always had, and that’s heart, authenticity and great hooks. It's also what you expect from their playlist picks with tracks by Grimes, Alessia Cara, Jessy Lanza, Rostam, Vanbot and Drake to name a few.
Tegan and Sara’s latest album, their eighth, is called Love you to Death.