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CBC Radio 3 Podcast with Louise Burns Featuring Daniel Romano, Repartee and Nick Thorburn

Louise Burns

Summer is upon us friends!


To be frank, I'm not the biggest fan of the summer. I'm often left with an overwhelming feeling of guilt as I turn down opportunities to camp, hang at the beach, attend outdoor festivals with port-a-potties, the list goes on. I simply don't know what to do with myself in the dog days of the year.

But, I suppose there is something to be said about perpetual sunlight and a high dose of Vitamin D, so with that, let's celebrate the quieter side of summer.

This month includes an album of epic melodramatic songwriting (Daniel Romano), some existential psychedelia (Quest For Fire), a shimmer of pure pop bliss (Repartee), and an interview with Nick Thorburn, indie music pioneer and future rock star ikebana practitioner. We're also going to be featuring music by Yu Su, who is on Genero, an all female electronic music label based out of Vancouver.

It's a playlist for your first summer road trip, so make it a good one.

Happy listening,


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