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'Do-Re-Mi': the surprising origins of 'Do'

Jeff Reilly

"When you sing, you begin with 'ut, re, mi."

In his latest video, CBC Radio 2 host Tom Allen explains why we sing "do, re, mi" and not "ut, re, mi," as we did for 700 years before someone finally said “Ut, that’s so hard to sing.”

In a tribute to The Sound of Music, Allen tells the story along with a Julie Andrews look-alike, a mobile accordionist, a girls’ choir and a lot of bicycles.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video as well:

Host: Tom Allen

Accordionist: Joe Macerollo


Patricia O'Callaghan (Soprano)
Arly Abramson
Jen Brodie
Lily Daniels
Juliet Histed
Daniella Gallay
Giulia Gubert
Bella Krys
Angel Ng
Isabelle Regent
Mackenzie Rothney
Jojo Ruta
Sam Sears

Special thanks to Deb Piotrowski, Vera Justina and Marianne Chilco. Filmed at Bishop Strachan School, Toronto Ont.