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Radio 2 Top 20 March 11: Donovan Woods leaps into the top three and five new entries spice up the chart

Emma Godmere

The number 1 song in the nation:

They did it! After two weeks in the shadow of Wintersleep, waiting patiently at #2, The Lumineers pulled ahead and snagged the gold. Your brand new #1 song is their latest single, "Ophelia":

Cool new video:

Portland, Oregon's M. Ward re-enters the chart at #16 this week and shares a trippy music video that flies through a number of landscapes and cityscapes. Actually, you know what? It's kind of calming, in a way...

One to watch:

Halifax soul artist Erin Costelo captured the most online votes this week and makes her debut on the chart at #20. But with a killer sound like this and that online support from fans, it might not be long until she climbs even higher up the chart. While we wait for a video featuring her R220-debuting song, "Worry Don't Weigh Me Down," let's take a look at her recent music video for another slick single, "Fighter":

Radio 2 Top 20 for March 11th, 2016

1. The Lumineers, "Ophelia" (New #1)

2. Donovan Woods, "What Kind of Love is That?" (High Jumper, Up 14)

3. Banners, "Start a Riot" (NEW)

4. Aurora, "Conqueror"

5. Megan Bonnell, "Can't Have You"

6. Wintersleep, "Amerika"

7. Basia Bulat, "Fool"

8. Bob Moses, "Tearing Me Up"

9. Jim Bryson, "Ontario"

10. Coeur de Pirate, "I Don't Want to Break Your Heart"

11. Jason Collett, "Love You Babe"

12. Roxanne Potvin, "I Thought I'd Miss You" (NEW)

13. Allen Stone, "Perfect World"

14. The Heavy, "Since You Been Gone" (NEW)

15. Chris Velan, "Un-American Gothic"

16. M. Ward, "Confession" (Re-Entry)

17. Little Scream, "Love as a Weapon"

18. Ron Hawkins, "Beautiful Girl" (NEW)

19. Andrew Bird, "Capsized"

20. Erin Costelo, "Worry Don't Weigh Me Down" (NEW + Most Online Votes)

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