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Radio 2 Top 20, May 15: The Barr Brothers, Tor Miller debut, new number 1

Nana aba Duncan

This week, there’s been a bit of a shake-up: three new songs by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, the Barr Brothers, and Tor Miller; Terra Lightfoot gets closer to number one and gets the most votes online; and with Yukon Blonde taking a tiny dive, there's a new number one.

NEW TO THE CHART: Tor Miller's "Now and Again."

VOTE: This week on the poll, Seinabo Sey's "Hard Time."

Radio 2 Top 20 for May 15, 2015:

1. Mumford & Sons, "The Wolf"

2. Scott Helman, "That Sweater"

3. Terra Lightfoot, "No Hurry"

4. Joy Williams, "Woman (Oh Mama)"

5. Joel Plaskett, "When I Close My Eyes"

6. Yukon Blonde, "Saturday Night"

7. Coeur de pirate, "Carry On"

8. In The Valley Below, "Peaches"

9. Tobias Jesso Jr., "Without You"

10. Death Cab For Cutie, "No Room in Frame"

11. Lord Huron, "Fool For Love"

12. Mo Kenney, "Pretty Things"

13. Ivan & Alyosha, "All This Wandering Around"

14. Hayden, "No Happy Birthday"

15. Dawes, "Things Happen"

16. Sam Roberts Band, "Chasing the Light"

17. Tor Miller, "Now and Again" *NEW*

18. Calexico, "Falling From the Sky"

19. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, "Riverman" *NEW*

20. The Barr Brothers, "Never Been A Captain" *NEW*

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