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Glen Hansard on 5 incredible and (mostly) Irish bands you need to know

Andrea Warner

When Glen Hansard stopped by CBC Music as part of his guest editorship, we asked him about his favourite Irish bands and, always a champion of his fellow Irish artists, he was happy to oblige. Here are the five artists Hansard hopes you'll seek out right now. He promises it will be love at first listen.

Fionn Regan

"Fionn Regan is a songwriter out of Ireland, he’s got a bunch of records, he keeps making records all the time. He’s got a record called The End of History, it’s criminal that that record — if he was Canadian, he’d be doin’ really well. But he lives in London which is a f--kin’ rathole and he’s Irish. He’s got two things against him. Not that being Irish is a problem, it’s great for creativity, but it’s not great for breakin’ out into the world and gettin’ seen. That record, it’s 10 years old, but it doesn’t matter. It deserves a second listen."

Paul Brady and Andy Irvine

"Andy was a member of Planxty, and Paul was [too] for a short bit. Planxty is one of Ireland’s great, great, great bands. Truly. And then Paul and Andy made an album together, Andy Irvine/Paul Brady, that is unbelievable. One that I’d like people to go hear."

Rollerskate Skinny

"One of their members was a brother of My Bloody Valentine, maybe it helped them, maybe it didn’t, I don’t know. But Ken Griffin was the lead singer of the band and Horsedrawn Wishes is extraordinary."

Sam Amidon

"All is Well, that’s a record I’d love people to hear, it’s unbelievable. It’s really the work of Sam and Nico Muhly who is a composer in New York. They were best friends growing up."

John Hegarty

"He’s a complete unknown, he’s written some beautiful songs. The album is called Twilight and it’s got 'Bonfire Night' and 'Limerick Town' which is a song I sing at gigs, I just adore it. That guy, he’s really something."