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Radio 2 Top 20, Jan 2: Number Ones of 2014

Nana aba Duncan

Happy new year!

Hope you're fully recovered and ready for 2015. We're still a little nostalgic, so this week it's a retrospective of 2014's chart toppers.

The most any song was number one was five times. Plenty of great artists made it to the top, but there were a few stand-outs with some acts enjoying three and four week runs.

Coldplay hit the big time with two different songs, as did the Black Keys. In fact the Black Keys were the only band to make it to four weeks in a row with "Fever," starting May 2. A couple of Canadians made it to four times total -- Serena Ryder with "Fall" and Adam Cohen with "We Go Home." By the end of the year newcomer Scott Helman tasted success at twice with "Bungalow." But the overall champion of the Radio 2 Top 20 in 2014 was UK heavyweight Sam Smith and his single "Stay With Me." His voice was just too buttery to beat.

Here's what last year looked like:


Sam Smith, "Stay With Me," 5X, starting June 6

George Ezra, "Budapest," 4X starting Oct 3

Adam Cohen, "We Go Home," 4X starting July 18

Black Keys, "Fever," 4X starting May 2

Serena Ryder,"Fall," 4X starting Jan 10

Hey Rosetta, "Kintsukuroi," 3X starting Sep 5

Arkells, "Come To Light," 3X starting July 25

Tegan and Sara, "I'm Not Your Hero," 3X starting April 11

Foster The People, "Coming of Age," 3X starting Feb 21

Black Keys, "Gotta Get Away," 2X starting Sept 26

Broken Bells, "Holding On For Life," 2X starting Jan 24

Beck, "Blue Moon," Mar 14

Scott Helman, "Bungalow," Nov 21

Hozier, "From Eden," Nov 14

Lorde, "Yellow Flicker Beat," Oct 31

Coldplay, "Sky Full of Stars," May 30

Coldplay, "Magic," April 4

Bobby Bazini, "Heavy Love," Mar 28

Tokyo Police Club, "Hot Tonight," Mar 21