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Radio 2 Top 20, Dec 26: 2014 Fan Favourites

Nana aba Duncan

Happy holidays! When you read this I'll probably be eating turkey in my new onesie.

This week, it's an ode to the Radio 2 Top 20 voting poll. All the artists you voted to the top in 2014 get a few more moments in the sun. You won't be surprised to know that since this is a Canadian vote, it's 94% Canadian (plus one rogue American). In short, it's a who's who list of 2014 musicians across the nation who got all the love in the form of awards, acclaim and accolades.

Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk won this year's CBC Music Searchlight competition, Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous Case won a Socan Songwriter award and Serena Ryder picked up two awards at the Junos.

There were some fun videos that came out this year including Bahamas' video for "Stronger Than That" featuring sweaty bodybuilders working in slow motion with Afie Jurvanen as a reporter and Lowell's "The Bells" fun frolic through a football field, complete with a marching band and cheerleaders.

Here's what last year looked like in the polls:


Adam Cohen, "We Go Home", 5X starting Jul 18

Robyn Dell'Unto, "Sidecar", 4X starting May 30

Carleton Stone, "Climbing Up The Walls", 4X starting Apr 11

Scott Helman, "Bungalow", 4X starting Oct 24

Elliott Brood, "Jigsaw Heart", 3X starting Aug 29

Scarlett Jane, "Aching Heart", 3X starting Feb 14

Sherman Downey and the Ambiguouse Case, "The Right Idea", 3X starting Jan 24

Adam Cohen, "Love Is", 2X starting Oct 3

Emma Lee, "What Would Tom Petty Do?", 2X starting May 9

Sherman Downey and the Ambiguouse Case, "Annalee", 2X starting Mar 28

Nicole Atkins, "Girl You Look Amazing", 2X starting Mar 24

Serena Ryder, "Fall", 2X starting Jan 10

Carleton Stone, "Blood is Thicker Than Water", Oct 17

Mo Kenney, "Telephones", Sep 12

Bahamas, "Stronger Than That", Aug 1

Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk, "I Lost Myself", May 23

Rufus Wainwright, "Me and Liza", Feb 7