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Radio 2 Top 20, Nov. 28: Whitehorse, Bahamas debut and Scott Helman stays on top

Nana aba Duncan

This week there are six new entries, including Whitehorse, Hey Rosetta! and the New Basement Tapes (a supergroup covering never-before-heard Bob Dylan material) each debut new songs to the chart. Plus, Lowell and Alan Doyle both jump into the top five, while Joshua Hyslop gets the most votes. Lorde slides way down with "Yellow Flicker Beat" and Mo Kenney is on the rise with "I Faked It." And find out who's at number one for the second time in a row below!

I am in love with Bahamas's song "Can't Take You With Me."

The Old Blue Rock Palace Show is not a real German late-night talk show; it's a figment of the Decemberists' imagination in their video for "Make You Better."

Hey Rosetta!, "Soft Offering (for the Oft Suffering)."

The #R220 chart for November 28, 2014:

1. Scott Helman, "Bungalow" (same)

2. Hozier, "From Eden" (same)

3. Lowell, "The Bells" (up five)

4. Alan Doyle, "So Let's Go" (up nine)

5. Elle King, "Ex's and Oh's" (up one)

6. Joshua Hyslop, "Living and Dying" (up four, most online votes!)

7. Amelia Curran, "Somebody Somewhere" (down two)

8. TV on the Radio, "Happy Idiot" (down four)

9. Jenn Grant, "No One's Gonna Love You" (down two)

10. Coldplay, "Ink" (up eight)

11. Mo Kenney, "I Faked It" (up eight)

12. Lorde, "Yellow Flicker Beat" (down nine)

13. Knox Hamilton, "Work it Out" (down four)

14. The New Basement Tapes, "Kansas City" (new)

15. Whitehorse, "Downtown"(new)

16. U2, "Every Breaking Wave"(new)

17. Wilderness of Manitoba, "Big Skies" (down three)

18. Decemberists, "Make You Better" (new)

19. Hey Rosetta, "Soft Offering (for the oft suffering)" (new)

20. Bahamas, "Can't Take You With Me" (new)

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