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Radio 2 Top 20, Oct. 10: Jeremy Fisher debuts, The Black Keys at number 1

Nana aba Duncan

The chart gets a little tune-up this week: Jeremy Fisher, Carleton Stone, Bryan Ferry, Lorde all debut with new songs, and Bahamas stays on the chart with a second single!

The really big news is who is at number one. The Black Keys! They are back on top for the second time after George Ezra stole the big seat last week. Took me a long time, but I just learned the Black Keys' whole album Turn Blue is based on a break-up.

But things are going well for the rock duo so don't cry! Instead, listen to Paolo Nutini's awesome Scottish accent at the Austin City Limits music festival. His song "Let Me Down Easy" charted at number 12.

And check out some of the chart's newbies here.

Carleton Stone, "Blood is Thicker Than Water"

Bryan Ferry, "Loop De Li"

Jeremy Fisher, "I Love You... So?"

Radio 2 Top 20 for October 10, 2014:

1. The Black Keys, "Gotta Get Away" (down three)

2. George Ezra, "Budapest" (down one)

3. Hey Rosetta!, "Kintsukuroi" (same)

4. U2, "The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)" (up nine)

5. Adam Cohen, "Love Is" (up two)

6. You+Me, "You and Me" (down three)

7. WiL, "Make, Make" (up three)

8. Lorde, "Yellow Flicker Beat" (new entry)

9. Mo Kenney, "Telephones" (same)

10. Bastille, "Flaws" (down five)

11. Elliott Brood, "Jigsaw Heart" (down five)

12. Paolo Nutini, "Let Me Down Easy" (up two)

13. Passenger, "Heart's on Fire" (down one)

14. Jeremy Fisher, "I Love You... So?" (new entry)

15. Sloan, "You've Got a Lot On Your Mind" (down four)

16. Frazey Ford, "September Fields" (up one)

17. Arkells, "11:11" (up three)

18. Carleton Stone, "Blood Is Thicker Than Water" (new entry)

19. Bahamas, "Little Record Girl" (new entry)

20. Bryan Ferry, "Loop De Li" (new entry)

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