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Radio 2 Top 20, Aug. 1: Bahamas takes online vote, new entries include the Strumbellas

Nana aba Duncan

There was some last-minute drama in the online vote this week.

When artists catch wind of their place on the chart, they often take to Twitter or Facebook to rally the troops for big voting numbers. This week was no different, with Adam Cohen telling fans to go to the poll. Right until the last day it was obvious he was going to win, and then BOOM! Bahamas made a simple plea to all his followers and they came through in one heavy smackdown. That took Bahamas up the chart four places and past Cohen in the online vote. But was it enough to take Bahamas to number one on the whole chart? Well, last week Arkells were at the top for the first time. See below for the results.

Also this week, five songs debut:

The Strumbellas, "End of an Era."

First Aid Kit, "Waitress Song."

Beck, "Heart is a Drum."

Ndidi O, "How Long."

Boy and Bear, "Three-Headed Woman."

This one is for the Bahamas fans. A couple of years ago he put out a short film, "Sunday Dinner" featuring a visit to his mother in northern Ontario and their conversations in Finnish. His mother sings, he makes candle holders out of ice and you see what he looks like holding a baby.

Radio 2 Top 20 for August 1, 2014:

1. Arkells, "Come to Light" (same)

2. Bahamas, "Stronger Than That" (up four, most online votes!)

3. Adam Cohen, "We Go Home" (down one)

4. Kings of Leon, "Family Tree" (down one)

Bobby Bazini, "Bubblegum" (down one)

6. Ryan Adams, "Gimme Something Good" (up five)

7. Tom Petty, "U Get Me High" (up one)

8. New Pornographers, "Brill Bruisers" (up one)

9. Sam Roberts Band, "Metal Skin" (up one)

10. NQ Arbuckle, “Lifeboat (Song for Carolyn Mark)” (up three)


Reuben and the Dark, "Devil's Time" (up two)

12. Robert Plant, "Rainbow" (up three)

Jill Barber, "Broken For Good" (down one)

14. Ray LaMontagne, "Drive-in Movies" (up three)

15. Ndidi O, "How Long" (new entry)

16. Boy and Bear, "Three-Headed Woman" (new entry)

17. The Strumbellas, "End of an Era" (new entry)

18. Broken Bells, "No Matter What You're Told" (down four)

19. Beck, "Heart Is A Drum" (new entry)

20. First Aid Kit, "Waitress Song" (new entry)

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