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Radio 2 Top 20, July 18: Adam Cohen, brand new number 1

Nana aba Duncan

Britain's schnookums Sam Smith has been toppled in Canada. Adam Cohen is the new number one, and with the most votes! He did a mini-documentary on the making of his album, We Go Home. Here's the title track.

Some other news this week: Bahamas jumped ten spots to number eight. And the video for "Stronger Than That" is hilarious. It features beefy men wearing little clothing and lifting heavy things. Also, Bahamas utters the words "pronounced packages."

Radio 2 Top 20 for July 18, 2014:

1. Adam Cohen, "We Go Home" (up eight, new number one! most online votes!)

2. Sam Smith, "Stay With Me" (down one)

3. Arkells, "Come to Light" (down one)

4. Bobby Bazini, "Bubblegum" (up four)

5. Kings of Leon, "Family Tree" (same)

6. First Aid Kit, "My Silver Lining" (down three)

7. New Pornographers, "Brill Bruisers" (same)

8. Bahamas, "Stronger Than That" (up 10, biggest mover)

9. The Franklin Electric, "Unsatisfied" (down three)

10. Ryan Adams, "Gimme Something Good" (up three)

11. Tom Petty, "U Get Me High" (down seven)

12. Sam Roberts Band, "Metal Skin" (up three)

13. Jill Barber, "Broken For Good" (down three)

14. Dominique Fricot, "I Miss the '80s" (up three)

15. Broken Bells, "No Matter What You're Told" (up four)

16. Ray LaMontagne, "Drive-in Movies" (up four)

17. Robert Plant, "Rainbow" (down three)

18. Reuben and the Dark, "Devil's Time" (down seven)

19. Eric Clapton, "Call Me the Breeze" (down three)

20. NQ Arbuckle, “Lifeboat (Song for Carolyn Mark)” (new entry)

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