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Van Morrison: Duets

Carole Warren

Duet albums have been around forever. Frank Sinatra famously put out the first of two duet albums back in the early 90s. Barbra Streisand also did one and then there’s the king of the duet albums, Tony Bennett who has released three duet albums.

Sometimes it’s a way for long established artists to mix it up with younger performers and in the process, gain new fans. And sometimes it’s just something they’ve wanted to do, forever. Like it was for the Irish superstar, Van Morrison.

It took him a while to make it happen, but once the ball got rolling the singers came to Morrison. And they’re some of the best of the best, including Steve Winwood, Bobby Womack, Mavis Staples, George Benson and Taj Mahal.

Today on Inside The Music, you’ll hear a feature documentary called Van Morrison: Duets. It’s the back story to his album Duets: Reworking The Catalogue.

Van Morrison: Duets

The back story to Van Morrison's album Duets: Reworking The Catalogue.