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My Playlist: Erin Passmore on her personal tastes, from Sigur Rós to Kathleen Edwards

Carole Warren

Rah Rah is one of the most popular bands to come out of Regina in a long time. But don't expect to find them there. Try anywhere else -- Canada or the U.S. or maybe Europe. This is a band that tours a lot and that's the way they like it.

Rah Rah is the brainchild of Erin Passmore and Marshall Burns. They both came up through the indie scene in Regina, working with a number of bands in the early 2000s. Rah Rah began in 2006 as a stripped down version of it's current configuration, with Burns on guitar and Passmore on keyboard, drums and bass. They traded duties on lead vocals. By the time that Rah Rah's first full album, Going Steady came out, the band was up to five members and included Passmore's brother, Joel.

Rah Rah is known for their vibrant live performances -- they also spray the audience with confetti cannons and the members swap their instruments mid-song. The band has been steadily evolving and there is more collaboration now on both the songwriting and recording side, creating a more identifiable Rah Rah sound.

In 2012, Rah Rah's third album The Poet's Dead gained national attention. The album won a Western Canadian Music, was nominated for a Juno and long listed for the Polaris Prize.

About the same time, Passmore released her first solo effort, the critically acclaimed Downtown EP. Rah Rah's lastest release is called Vessels.

On this edition of My Playlist, the Rah Rah member with a voice that will drop kick your heart -- Erin Passmore takes over hosting duties.

My Playlist: Erin Passmore on her personal tastes, from Sigur Rós to Kathleen Edwards

Erin Passmore reveals the stories behind her favourite songs.