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First Play Live: SATE, RedBlack&Blue

Reuben Maan

When SATE and her band strode into studio 211 they brought the rock with them. There was a palpable energy in the air as the band rolled in their instruments and unpacked their gear. Kirt Godwin, the guitarist, started ripping blistering solos to warm his fingers, as Wade O Brown, the keyboardist, eyed the studio Hammond organ — that we promptly added to his mix.

The sound check was very loud, with Tony Rabalao pounding the drums and Justin deGraaf thumbing the bass. SATE ran her band through a few songs and just as quickly as she'd appeared, she returned to the green room to save her voice for the show.

If you haven't seen SATE before, these videos will convince you to catch her next show. And you'll understand why SATE was resting her voice before the performance: she played the most energetic, bombastic, entertaining show we've had in studio 211 in the past year. Her voice soars, growls and caresses as she works her way through blues, rock, funk and even a "jazz" tune. SATE doesn't just dance, she prowls, she struts, she seduces. With the band laying down the heavy grooves, you can hear why her list of influences includes Tina Turner and Black Sabbath.

As her bio states, "SATE knows your desires and she is prepared to give you more than you can handle. SATE [definition]: satisfy a desire to the full."

Watch these videos and be sated: