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Watch Andrew Huang play his song 'Hi Fi' using only a balloon

Reuben Maan

If you haven't seen Andrew Huang in action, you're missing out. The talented musician from Toronto makes music out of any object you can imagine — everything from a wine glass to a bag of frozen vegetables to a G-string. He literally plays Bach's "Air on the G string" on a real G-string — thankfully not while wearing it. And Huang is prolific, releasing new music on his YouTube channel almost on a weekly basis.

Some of Huang's music videos require a lot of editing, as he builds songs with the percussive sounds of various objects ("Hotline Bling," for example). But in the video you see above, Huang plays and mixes the whole song live, using just a balloon and a loop pedal. The results are amazing!

Watch Huang play "Hi Fi" using only a balloon in the video below and see more from the musicians from our YouTube Stars series: