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Junos 2015: a day with hometown heroes Arkells

Matthew Fisher

When it comes to hometowns, some bands are deeply connected to their roots. Sam Roberts, Stars, Half Moon Run all have Montreal to thank; Hey Rosetta! has St. John’s, and you can't think of Mother Mother without immediately thinking Vancouver. Each band had that first hometown show they'll always look back on as the first step that led them to success. For Hamilton's Arkells, it was their show at McMaster University. 

CBC Music met up with the hometown favourites the Sunday of Juno weekend for an exclusive look at what the guys got up to during the day, including a rehearsal, a performance and a second Juno win.  

Below are some highlights from the day, and be sure to click through the gallery above to see the entire day unfold.

10:45 a.m.: The day got off to a rough start for some of the Arkells. Not all of the band members were staying at the hotel (frontman Max Kerman lives in Hamilton), but the hotel stayers were gently awoken to a fire alarm, which caused everyone to miss our first photo shoot together. 

11:30 a.m.: I met up with the guys for their last soundcheck before the big show. There’s a famous line in show business, "Hurry up and wait," and that’s pretty much how the day went. The band was rushed to certain places for certain times, and then everyone would sit there for another 30 minutes. 

12:40 p.m.: A dress rehearsal is held the day of the Junos, which is more less an entire run through of the show to ensure everybody is on the same page and that all the kinks are worked out. In the case of the Arkells soundcheck, it proved beneficial: there were some sound issues that needed to get resolved before the night's show. Unfortunately, the kinks made some of the band members uneasy, and a meeting was held after the rehearsal to ensure production staff were aware of all the issues.

4:30 p.m.: Time to hit the red carpet! Arkells teamed up with the local Hamilton bike-share program Sobi to hit the red carpet, and boy did the crowd love the entrance. See the below video as we followed the guys (on a bike ourselves) straight into the show.

5:00 p.m.: If you've never had the chance to hit the red carpet before, let me tell you it is likely the most organized chaos you will have ever be a part of. Fans screaming for their crushes, dozens of news organizations with cameras and hosts desperately trying to hear who they are interviewing. It is quite the experience. 

7:30 p.m.: Arkells hit the Junos stage and blew away the audience. That's also where we said farewell to the boys. Their night was only getting started, though, with a second Juno win later during the broadcast, this time for rock album of the year. The hometown boys definitely had a lot to celebrate, and everyone in Hamilton was right there with them.

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