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From Magneta Lane to MSTRKRFT: Tokyo Police Club's 9 favourite songs from 2006

Melody Lau

2006 was a seminal period in the Toronto music scene. New record labels like Arts & Crafts and Paper Bag Records were burgeoning with talent, introducing the city (and people beyond) to artists such as Broken Social Scene, Feist, Stars and the Deadly Snakes. This also marked the year that a young Newmarket band named Tokyo Police Club signed with Paper Bag and put out its debut EP, A Lesson in Crime.

Looking back on the flourishing year of Canadian acts, the members of Tokyo Police Club picked out their 9 favourite songs from that time.

Sailboats Are White, 'Unfair Nitemare'

Graham Wright: They were this amazing band from Hamilton who were super wild and zany live and we were scared of them.

Magneta Lane, 'Constant Lover'

Wright: Before we were anything I remember seeing the video for "Constant Lover" on MuchMoreMusic, which is like, the first Magneta Lane hit. I really liked the Strokes at the time and I said this is the best Strokes song the Strokes didn’t write, and then we became friends!

Controller Controller, 'History'

Dave Monks: I remember seeing this video on The Wedge.

Uncut, 'Understanding the New Violence'

Monks: They played a drum beat that we’ve always called the [producer Jon Drew] beat and we use in lots of songs.

Cities in Dust, 'Chop Chop, You’re Dead!'

Greg Alsop: There was a weird rivalry for like, a minute because we were both the new Paper Bag Records signees.

Monks: Cities in Dust were our rival band from the same label, we put out a record at the same time but now we’re friends.

Meligrove Band, 'Our Love Will Make the World Go Round'

Josh Hook: Planets Conspire was more of a whole album piece but they have this one recurring theme throughout the album that I thought was really cool.

Born Ruffians, 'Quattro'

Wright: That was old school Born Ruffians.

Lipstick Machine, 'Song Four'

Monks: They were a surf-rock band way ahead of their time. They’d be so cool now.

Metric, 'Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT remix)'

Monks: The day I dropped out of school, we played with MSTRKRFT and I was like, "Hey, [Jesse F. Keeler], do you got any advice for us? We’re starting out." And he was like, "Yeah, don’t focus too much on music, don’t make it the only thing you focus on," and I thought, "Shit, I just dropped out of school!” [Laughs]

Tokyo Police Club will be performing at this year's CBC Music Festival in Toronto alongside the New Pornographers, Hey Rosetta!, Tanya Tagaq, Whitehorse, Alvvays, Ria Mae, Maestro, Zaki Ibrahim, the Franklin Electric, Charlotte Cardin, Julian Taylor, Rich Terfry (DJ) and this year's CBC Searchlight winner. Tickets are available now at Ticketmaster.