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B-flat major: Nature Boy

Paolo Pietropaolo

The key signatures of music are kind of like the signs of the zodiac. If you take all the music in a given key, you’ll discover certain characteristics — characteristics that can define your personality.

Do you know a B-flat major person? To get to know B-flat major a little better, click on the orange play button. Follow along with the pop-up comments to find out what composition is playing.

Read more about the characteristics of a classic B-flat major below.


B-flat major: Nature Boy

Key characteristics: Wide-eyed. Enthusiastic. A little naive.

Your biggest strength: Nothing fazes you.

Your potential weakness: You can come off as a bit of a know-it-all.

Likes: Hiking, birding, stargazing.

Dislikes: Popular boys, puerile humour, ignorance.

Preferred outfit: Anything, plus binoculars.

Animal symbol: Squirrel.

Zodiac sign most similar to: Aries, Libra.

Classic B-flat major people:

- Manny Delgado from Modern Family.
- Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons
- Eric Forman from That '70s Show.
- The Professor from Gilligan's Island.
- Alex P. Keaton from Family Ties.

Which key are you?