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Classical music for studying, concentrating and acing midterms

Editorial Staff

Midterms? Excuse me? Ummm, isn't it still summer? Technically yes, but those exams and deadlines for first papers are coming sooner than you think. And we want you to be prepared. So, we've created this classical music playlist just for you!

We've combined the most peaceful and relaxing piano pieces that CBC Music has recorded into nearly two hours of bliss. It's perfect for putting on while studying or taking time to relax. In it you'll find some of Canada's top pianists, from Marc-André Hamelin to Angela Hewitt, as well as some up-and-coming musicians that you'll be sure to hear more from as they progress.

Why classical? Various studies have attempted to prove the cognitive benefits of listening to Vivaldi and the positive effect of Mozart's music on the development of children's brains, a.k.a. the Mozart effect.

So press play on the video below, then check out our classical music stream (a little more below). Suddenly, studying for that stats exam won't suck. Well, it will suck less.

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