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'90s Week: best songs, girl groups and the Eurodance boom

Editorial Staff

Last year, we noticed a surge in nostalgia for the '90s. Even around our offices, we saw that musicians were bringing back grunge fashion, people were reminiscing about shirtless old men in videos and our own Dave Shumka even issued an apology to the Tragically Hip.

Fast forward one year later, and it seems like the '90s trend is still going strong, so we've decided to bring the '90s back (again).   

On Monday, we kick things off with our definitive ranking of the 50 best Canadian songs of the '90s, which was no easy feat. We'll also be doing a salute to the decade's gone-but-never-forgotten girl groups, rehashing the events of Woodstock '99 and doing a long overdue analysis of the Canadian Eurodance boom.

On top of that, we'll be looking for your '90s memories, from your best throwback photos to playlists from your old '90s mixtapes (we know you still have them). Join us, won't you?