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Brent Bambury’s Brave New Waves mixtape

Editorial Staff

To help celebrate '90s Week, we asked Brent Bambury to look back at his time on the influential CBC radio show Brave New Waves. Bambury, who now hosts Day 6 on CBC Radio One, was host of the BNW for a decade. 

Here, as Brave New Waves celebrates its 30th anniversary, Bambury shares a few personal memories, and 10 selections from the show's eclectic playlist.

"I was host of CBC's Brave New Waves from 1985-1995. So for me '90s music is a continuation of the wilder indie experimentation of the '80s. Everything changed for indie music after Nirvana, and I think that's reflected in what happened in pop and indie stuff in the second half of the '90s. 

Doing an all night show you develop a real emotional attachment to the music and I really still feel the connection to it when i meet fans of BNW who tell me how much the show meant to them. 
I had a really old British sportscar and I'd leave the studio after the show at dawn, and the final hour of BNW would still be playing in my time zone. So I'd drive home through the beautiful Montreal light hearing the last of the weird music I'd just rolled out in the studio.
Brent Bambury's Brave New Waves Mixtape

Mecca Normal, "I Walk Alone"

Voivod, "The Nile Song"

Plunderphonics, "O'Hell (The Doors)"

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, "Who's Afraid of Alison Hymer/Wow Flutter Hiss"

NoMeansNo, "Cats, Sex And Nazis"


Cub, "Killed By Death"
F.U.S.E., "Substance Abuse"

Me Mom and Morgantaler, "Your Friend"

The Super Friendz, "Up And Running"

King Cobb Steelie, "Slump"

Dream Warriors, "Ludo"