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Radio 3’s top 103 songs of 2013

Emma Godmere

As another incredible year in Canadian music winds to a close, it’s time for Radio 3 to count down the 103 best songs of the year! We’ve crunched the numbers, made countless calculations, pulled many hairs out over tough decisions and finally come up with the definitive list of the best Canadian songs played on air on Radio 3 in 2013.

1. Shad, "Stylin' (feat. Saukrates)"
2. Arcade Fire, "Reflektor"
3. PUP, "Reservoir"
4. Born Ruffians, "Dancing on the Edge of Our Graves"
5. The Pack A.D., "Big Shot"
6. The Darcys, "Pretty Girls"
7. Said the Whale, "I Love You"
8. The Strumbellas, "Sailing"
9. Reuben and the Dark, "Rolling Stone"
10. Gold and Youth, "Jewel"
11. Mounties, "Headphones"
12. Sam Roberts Band, "We're All In This Together"
13. Basia Bulat, "Tall Tall Shadow"
14. Fur Trade, "Kids These Days"
15. The Deep Dark Woods, "18th of December"
16. Louise Burns, "Emeralds Shatter"
17. Hayden, "Blurry Nights"
18. Royal Canoe, "Bathtubs"
19. Papermaps, "The Hedonist"
20. Chromeo, "Over Your Shoulder"
21. Austra, "Home"
22. Young Galaxy, "Fever"
23. Sebastien Grainger, "Going With You"
24. The Danks, "Experimental Fiction"
25. The Mark Inside, "Shark Attack (I Can See Them Circling)"
26. Federal Lights, "I See Love"
27. Jordan Klassen, "The Scribe of Doorposts"
28. Lightning Dust, "Fire Me Up"
29. Wildlife, "Born to Ruin"
30. Bear Mountain, "Two Step"
31. Wake Owl, "Gold"
32. We Are The City, "Baptism"
33. The Zolas, "Invisible"
34. Fast Romantics, "Funeral Song"
35. The Besnard Lakes, "The Spectre"
36. Destroyer, "El Rito"
37. Grand Analog, "Lion Head"
38. Tegan and Sara, "Closer"
39. Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, "Seasickness Pt. 2"
40. AroarA, "#10"
41. Fevers, "ENFP"
42. Islands, "Wave Forms"
43. Rae Spoon, "I Will Be A Wall"
44. Arcade Fire, "Afterlife"
45. Lyon, "Indian Summer"
46. Two Hours Traffic, "Meaning of Love"
47. By Divine Right, "Mutant Message"
48. The Courtneys, "90210"
49. Brendan Canning, "However Long"
50. Les Jupes, "Hold Me Down"
51. Still Life Still, "In Enemies"
52. Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party, "My 5"
53. Imaginary Cities, "Chasing the Sunset"
54. Uncut, "Stay Gold"
55. July Talk, "Having You Around"
56. King Khan and the Shrines, "Born To Die"
57. Texture and Light, "A Quiet Place"
58. Dog Day, "Wasted"
59. In-Flight Safety, "Destroy"
60. Paper Lions, "My Friend"
61. Groenland, "Superhero"
62. Dinosaur Bones, "Sleepsick"
63. Jane's Party, "'Til You Got Yours"
64. Ark Analog, "Make Me a Mirror"
65. The Belle Game, "Wait Up For You"
66. Jasper Sloan Yip, "Show Your Teeth"
67. Jessy Lanza, "Keep Moving"
68. Stella Ella Ola, "Donna"
69. Tough Age, "Sea of White"
70. Hidden Cameras, "Mind, Matter and Waste"
71. Chris Kelly, "Cold Feet"
72. Grounders, "Speedboats"
73. Rococode, "Follow You 'Round"
74. JF Robitaille, "Cry (To Keep From Laughing)"
75. Solids, "Traces"
76. Japanese Girls, "Sharkweek"
77. Braids, "December"
78. Sloan, "It's In You, It's In Me"
79. Fake Shark Real Zombie, "Girls (feat. Steve Bays)"
80. Crosss, "Mountain King"
81. Teenland, "Adventure Romance ('89 Blue Jays)"
82. You Say Party, "Friend"
83. Dear Rouge, "I Heard I Had"
84. Ghostkeeper, "Luella"
85. Kashka, "Body Like Lead"
86. Stars, "Wishful"
87. Stuck On Planet Earth, "Fast Forward"
88. Dead Ghosts, "That Old Feeling"
89. Germans, "Sovtek My Heart"
90. The Gertrudes, "All The Dollar Bills Sing Hallelujah"
91. Inlet Sound, "Blizzard Baby"
92. Elephant Stone, "Setting Sun"
93. Ell V. Gore, "Smack Me Up"
94. Born Gold, "Abdomen"
95. City and Colour, "Thirst"
96. Minotaurs, "Split The Atom"
97. Aqua Alta, "Norwegian Jewel"
98. The Sadies, "The First Five Minutes"
99. Russian Futurists, "Cochineal Red (feat. Jeremy Greenspan)"
100. A Tribe Called Red, "Sisters (Feat. Northern Voice)"
101. Jim Guthrie, "The Rest Is Yet To Come"
102. James Younger, "Monday Morning"
103. Monomyth, "Cigarette"