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Radio 2 Top 20: Tegan and Sara's heroic surge

Editorial Staff

By Garvia Bailey

A heroic surge into the top 5

Fresh off a triumphant showing at the 2014 Juno's, Tegan and Sara move up a whopping 11 spots, landing the duo in the top five with "I'm not Your Hero." Will they swoop into the number one spot sometime soon? Only time will tell. For now, have a gander at the gals working hard alongside their pal Morgan Page, the tune is "Body Work."

Whatever happened to Anna Lee?

Back in 1968, the Band put out an album that would become part of Canadian and American music history, Music from Big Pink. From that album came "The Weight." A character from that song, Annalee, now has an expanded storyline courtesy of Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous Case. The band picked up the most online votes this week telling the story of "Annalee."

And just in case you don't remember the first part of Anna Lee's story, here's a refresher from Levon Helm and the boys, a.k.a. the Band.

Pure magic

Coldplay take over the number one spot this week, with a tune called "Magic." Frontman Chris Martin's high-profile breakup has been all over the news. Maybe he and Rihanna have a future together. Here's what that pairing might look like, the tune is called "Princess of China."

The chart:

1. Coldplay, "Magic" (up four)

2. Foster the People, "Coming of Age" (up one)

3. Tokyo Police Club, "Hot Tonight" (up one)

4. Tegan and Sara, "I'm Not Your Hero" (up 11 + hot shooter)

5. City and Colour, "Harder Than Stone" (up four)

6. Bobby Bazini, "Heavy Love" (down five)

7. Beck, "Blue Moon" (down five)

8. Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous Case, "Annalee" (up four + most online votes)

9. Royal Wood, "White Flag" (down two)

10. Carleton Stone, "Climbing Up Walls" (down two)

11. Ray LaMontagne, "Supernova" (up eight)

12. Serena Ryder, "For You" (up one)

13. Nicole Atkins, "Girl you Look Amazing" (down seven)

14. Boy and Bear, "Old Town Blues" (up two)

15. Broken Bells, "Control" (up three)

16. Rosanne Cash, "A Feather's Not a Bird" (up four)

17. Kings of Leon, "Wait For Me" (down three)

18. U2, "Invisible" (down seven)

19. Adam Baldwin, "Love You With My Eyes Closed" (down one)

20. Harlan Pepper, "TV (Let It Slide)" (new entry)

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