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Radio 2 Top 20: Foster the People's pop invasion

Editorial Staff

By Garvia Bailey

Foster the People's much anticipated followup

Remember the first time you heard Foster the People talk about all the young kids with their "Pumped Up Kicks"? It was the kind of song you just couldn't shake even after learning about the song's grim subject matter. The heady pop rockers from L.A. are back with a new tune and an upcoming new album. They enter the chart in the very solid number 14 position with "Coming of Age." Here's a cool one-man-band cover of the tune. Check it out.

And if you've forgotten about those "Pumped Up Kicks," here's a little Foster the People refresher.

Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous case crack the top 5

Here they are with their chart-climbing hit, "The Right Idea."

The chart:

1.Broken Bells, "Holding on for Life" (up two)

2. Serena Ryder, "Fall" (down one)

3. Boy and Bear, "Southern Sun" (up one)

4. Rufus Wainwright, "Me and Liza" (up eight + most online votes + hot shooter)

5 Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous Case, "The Right Idea" (up three)

6. Bastille, "Bad Blood" (up four)

7. Rosanne Cash, "Modern Blue" (down one)

8. Jay Malinowski & the Deadcoast, "Patience Phipps" (up one)

9. Matt Andersen, "Alberta Gold" (up two)

10. Harlan Pepper, "Gimme Love" (up three)

11. Kodaline, "Love Like This" (down four)

12. U2, "Ordinary Love" (down 10)

13. Fratellis, "She's Not Gone Yet But She's Leaving" (up seven)

14. Foster the People, "Coming of Age" (new entry)

15. Arcade Fire, "Afterlife" (up three)

16. Bruce Springsteen, "High Hopes" (down 11)

17. Luke Nicholson, "Wait a Minute" (Re-entry)

18. Jake Bugg, "Me and You" (down three)

19. Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, "South" (down two)

20. Scarlett Jane, "Aching Heart" (new entry)

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