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The Radio 2 Top 20: Green Day punk rocker Billie Joe meets jazz diva Norah Jones on this weeks chart

Pete Morey

There’s been some pretty unlikely musical pairings over the years, but here's one we think really works. Billie Joe & Norah.

The lead singer of the power punk trio Green Day , Billie Joe Armstrong, who sounds like this:

Has teamed up with Jazz singer Norah Jones, who sounds like this:

The snot-nosed punk, meets the broken-hearted jazz diva!

So what brought these star crossed musicians together? It was a shared love for the music of The Everly Brothers, specifically their album of traditional tunes Songs Our Daddy Taught Us.  Strangely, the punk and the jazz princess click musically, and are the perfect pair to take on these sad and lonesome country songs on their new album, Foreverly. One of four new entries on the chart this week and in at number 18: it's Billie Joe and Norah with "Long Time Gone."

Speaking of unlikely musical duos, Aerosmith and Run DMC once teamed-up, making hip-hop and rock fans scratch their heads for years to come. Check out "Walk This Way."

Folk Legend Bob Dylan teamed up with long-haired howler Michael Bolton to co-write this torch ballad. Who knows why Dylan does any of the things he does. Check out "Steel Bars."

Back to the chart. Once again, striking the top like a lightning bolt (which happens to be the name of their new album) it's Pearl Jam and their epic sprawling Pink-Floydian song "Sirens." It's their second week at number one!

The chart:

1. Pearl Jam, "Sirens" (same)

2. Arcade Fire, "Reflektor" (same)

3. Haim, "The Wire" (up two)

4. Lindy, "The Limit" (up two + most on-line votes)

5. Serena Ryder, "Fall" (up six + hot shooter)

6. Sam Roberts Band, "We're All in This Together" (down three)

7. Sweet Alibi, "I'll Wait" (up three)

8. The Head & the Heart, "Shake" (down four)

9. Kings Of Leon, "Temple" (up three)

10. Royal Wood, "Forever and Ever" (up three)

11. Coldplay, "Atlas" (down four)

12. David Myles, "So Blind" (down four)

13. Keane, "Higher Than the Sun" (up one)

14. Blue Rodeo, "New Morning's Sun" (down five)

15. City & Colour, "Commentators" (new entry)

16. Broken Bells, "Holding on for Life" (new entry)

17. The Wilderness Of Manitoba, "Southern Winds" (down two)

18. Billie Joe & Norah, "Long Time Gone (new entry)

19. John Mayer, "Wildfire" (down two)

20. Sharon Jones, "Stranger to My Happiness" (new entry)

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