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The Radio 2 Top 20: Lindy hops his way up the chart,  plus a new number one

Pete Morey

The Lindy Hop was a dance craze during the 1920s.

The Lindy Hop is also the perfect way to describe Canadian singer/songwriter Lindy Vopnfjord’s journey up the CBC Radio 2 Top 20. Lindy has "hopped" his way up the chart three times in 2013. All three singles from his album Young Waverer have made it into the top 10. A lot of his success has to do with you! This week you gave Lindy the "Most On-Line Votes" hopping his song "The Limit" up to number 6.

Check out CBC Music's in-depth interview with Lindy the tallest man in Canadian rock. Here's his top 10 song on the chart this week, "The Limit" performed live.

Here's some real "Lindy Hoppers" in action. Enjoy!

If you'd told the cool kids of Arcade Fire a few years ago that one day their most successful album would have more of a conga drum focus,  they might have laughed in your fac. Regardless, Arcade Fire will not budge from that number two spot with their groovy song "Reflektor."

Striking the top of the chart like a Lightning Bolt (which happens to be the name of their new album), its Pearl Jam! Their epic sprawling Pink Floydian song "Sirens" is up two spots this week to number one.

The chart:

1. Pearl Jam, "Sirens" (new number one, up two)

2. Arcade Fire, "Reflektor" (same)

3. Sam Roberts Band, "We're All in This Together" (down two)

4. The Head & the Heart, "Shake" (up one)

5. Haim, "The Wire" (up three)

6. Lindy, "The Limit" (up four + most on-line votes)

7. Coldplay, "Atlas" (down one)

8. David Myles, "So Blind" (down four)

9. Blue Rodeo, "New Morning's Sun" (down two)

10. Sweet Alibi, "I'll Wait" (up three)

11. Serena Ryder, "Fall" (up one)

12. Kings Of Leon, "Temple" (up four)

13. Royal Wood, "Forever and Ever" (down four)

14. Keane, "Higher Than the Sun" (up five + hot shooter)

15. The Wilderness Of Manitoba, "Southern Winds" (up five)

16. The Avett Brothers, "Another is Waiting" (down five)

17. John Mayer, "Wildfire" (re-entry)

18. Mumford & Sons, "Hopeless Wanderer" (down four)

19. Paul McCartney, "New" (down two)

20. Bobby Bazini, "Cold Cold Heart" (down two)

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