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Radio 2 Top 20: Blue Rodeo shoots into the top 5

Editorial Staff

By Lana Gay

In real estate, the saying is "location, location, location." The guys in Blue Rodeo are hoping that holds true in music as well. For their 13th studio album, the iconic band hit the road and headed out to Greg Keelor’s farm in rural Ontario, where they recorded their most successful record, 5 Days in July.

Their new album is aptly called In Our Nature. Here's an exclusive video of the boys playing this week's number four song (also your hot shooter, up 16 spots).

Lindy is the kind of unassuming guy that, save for his six-feet, five-inch frame, startling blue eyes and blond hair, you might not notice at a party. But once he picks up his guitar or sits at a piano, which he always does at parties, he forces you to take notice. Quiet intensity is what Lindy is all about. You can take in that intensity by checking out this video for the number 11 song, “The Limit.”

The chart:

1. Arcade Fire, "Reflektor" (same)

2. David Myles, "So Blind" (up one)

3. Sam Roberts Band, "We're All in This Together" (down one)

4. Blue Rodeo, "New Morning's Sun" (up 16 + hot shooter)

5. Matt Epp & the Amorian Assembly feat. Serena Ryder, "When You Know" (same + most online votes)

6. Nikki Yanofsky, "Something New" (up nine)

7. City and Colour, "The Lonely Life" (up one)

8. Royal Wood, "Forever and Ever" (down three)

9. Luke Nicholson, "We All Need" (up three)

10. Pearl Jam, "Sirens" (same)

11. Lindy, "The Limit" (highest new entry)

12. The Civil Wars, "Eavesdrop" (up six)

13. Paul McCartney, "New" (up one)

14. Coldplay, "Atlas" (re-entry)

15. Mumford & Sons, "Hopeless Wanderer" (down four)

16. The Avett Brothers, "Another is Waiting" (same)

17. Frank Turner, "The Way I Tend to Be" (down eight)

18. Haim, "The Wire" (new entry)

19. The Head & the Heart, "Shake" (down 10)

20. Keane, "Higher Than the Sun" (new entry)

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