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The Radio 2 Top 20: David Bowie brings a bit of love to this week's chart

Editorial Staff

By Lana Gay

David Bowie has been making music for close to five decades. Today, the Thin White Duke makes his way back onto our chart with "Valentine's Day" from the disc The Next Day, his first album in 10 years.

The Avett Brothers join Bowie as a new entry on the Radio 2 Top 20 chart. They hold the spot as this week's hightest new entry at number 16.

The chart

1. Walk Off the Earth, "Gang of Rhythm" (same)

2. Tegan and Sara, "I Was a Fool" (same)

3. Matt Epp & the Amorian Assembly feat. Serena Ryder, "When You Know" (same + most online votes)

4. City and Colour, "The Lonely Life" (same)

5. Express & Company, "Carry Me Along" (up 2)

6. Mumford & Sons, "Hopeless Wanderer" (up 10 — hot shooter)

7. Luke Nicholson, "We All Need" (up three)

8. Don Brownrigg, "Sweet Dream Sleep" (down two)

9. Lindy, "Dark Matter" (same)

10. Imaginary Cities, "Bells of Cologne" (up two)

11. Vampire Weekend, "Unbelievers" (same)

12. Franz Ferdinand, "Right Action" (down four)

13. John Mayer, "Paper Doll" (up five)

14. The Grapes of Wrath, "Picnic" (Re-entry)

15. Cat Empire, "Brighter Than Gold" (same)

16. The Avett Brothers, "Another is Waiting" (highest new entry)

17. Travis, "Moving" (new entry)

18. Mavis Staples, "Can You Get to That" (down one)

19. Head & the Heart, "Shake" (new entry)

20. David Bowie, "Valentine's Day" (new entry)

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