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Listen to Zaki Ibrahim’s new song 'Do the Thing Right'

Del Cowie

Zaki Ibrahim is back with a new song entitled "Do the Thing Right." It's the first new solo material to emerge from Ibrahim since the release of her Polaris Prize-shortlisted 2012 album Every Opposite.

The track, described as an "anthem of leadership & independence," features the Victoria, B.C.-born singer who splits her time between South Africa and Canada picking up where she left off on that album. “Do the Thing Right” rides Ibrahim’s inimitable polyrhythmic stew, gradually adding vocal layerings, brassy bursts and spoken word raps over a house music foundation, laying down an infectious progressive mantra. ("Love you're coded for greatness. It's your way/ Come up out of your cradle/ It's your day).

"It's a new moon, it's a new time," Ibrahim tells CBC Music, talking about the upbeat Alister Johnson-produced song that will set the tone for her upcoming material that Ibrahim says will incorporate multimedia and art installations. "It's metaphorical, talking about a seedling if it were to grow, if it were to be underground and encouraged to break out of its known environment and its pod and to just kind of lean to the light. It's kind of a playful pep talk."

"Do the Thing Right" will be featured on a new Ibrahim album that will be available later in the fall. A new EP is slated to be released on July 19. Ibrahim will be also be playing the Unity Festival in Toronto on July 23.

Look out for  coverage of Zaki Ibrahim's set at the CBC Music Festival soon on CBC Music.

Listen to “Do the Thing Right” below.